Posted by Colin Hanna on Dec 16, 2014 under

The Ship of the Week is the Pinnace!  It's a light Warship that can be used to secure the Great Sea, raid enemy merchant vessels, and smuggle Wealth with incredible agility.  

Larger than the Sloop, the Pinnace is able to carry twice the loot and twice the guns of its junior.  It has a Hold of 2, meaning that its merchant ventures are more lucrative, and it has a Gun Score of 2, meaning it rolls 2 Gun Dice in battle compared to the 1 Die rolled by the unspecialized Sloop. Like the Sloop, it can be modified to carry more Wealth when Smuggling with the Smuggler's Holds upgrade, boosting its Hold to 3 and making it the first choice for those who would rather deal on the Black Market.  

Originally designed as a messenger Ship intended to send orders and supplies across massive fleets, the Pinnace is the wolf of the Great Sea.  Its Ship Specialization, Interceptors, makes it impossible for other Ships to flee from it in battle.  In addition, the Interceptors gain the remarkable ability to board and steal enemy Ships when they have dipped below their Minimum Crew value.  This means that they can turn an enemy's largest Ships against him, taking a desperate situation and transforming it into a tremendous upset.  With the right crew, these Warships can overwhelm nearly any opponent.  However, they are fragile on their own.  Make sure to sail them in packs to keep them from being picked off by larger Ships.

Even without their specialization, the Pinnace makes a great escort for a Merchant Fleet.  It can muster just the right amount of firepower to scare off most assailants, and while it's not as cheap as the Sloop, it is still relatively inexpensive.  But no matter what you intend to use it for, if you want the fastest Ship in the Great Sea, this is the Ship you need.

The next class of Ship is the Carrack, a mid-weight Merchant Ship that is all about efficiency....