Posted by Colin Hanna on Jan 10, 2015 under

This week, we set sail on the Carrack – the merchant vessel in its purest form.  With a deep hold and a strong mast, nothing hauls freight across the sea quite as well.


In Waves of Wealth and War, the Carrack is a medium sized Ship which can be depended upon to carry large quantities of Wealth.  Its base Hold is 3, which is already an impressive number.  It can be crewed by up to 30 Sailors and sports 3 Gun Dice, making it a risk for smaller Warships to attack alone.  That being said, a solitary Carrack can be a vulnerable and tempting target for a larger Warship or a small military Fleet.  Be sure to put off the appetite of hungry foes with some form of support, such as a superior officer to increase the threat of its Guns or by travelling in substantial Fleets.

All this would be more than enough to merit constructing an entire fleet of Carracks, but their Ship Specialization Expanded Holds makes them the most efficient and cost effective Merchant Ship in the game.  Increasing their Hold to 5, this upgrade turns the arrival of even a single Carrack full of Wealth into a holiday for your Port.  With their cost reduced from 4 to 3 Wealth, it becomes easy for a Governor to see a return on the investment in one of these hearty Ships after just one venture. 


Merchants across the Great Sea swear by the Carrack.  However, if you want the Ship at the vanguard of a commander’s Fleet, look no further than the stoic Brig....