Posted by Colin Hanna on Jan 21, 2015 under

The Brig -- the stoic, frontline Warship which any commander can be proud of.  The Brig is a battle ship built for all purposes, from escort to total conquest.  

The Brig is a mid-weight Warship that, while not cheap, is still relatively inexpensive.  It sports a Gun Score of 4, meaning that it can reliably sink smaller vessels in a single round of combat.  It can also be crewed by up to 40 Sailors, making it more durable.  In short, it excels at everything but hauling Wealth.  Its hold is 2, which is still a reasonable income and worthwhile if your Brig is escorting Ships which are carrying more.  However, attempting to make large quantities of Wealth with Brigs alone would be difficult. 

The Brig’s Ship Specialization is Reinforced Hulls.  This upgrade turns an already tough Ship into a daunting force, enabling it to ignore the first hit against it in any battle.  The Specialization also reduces the Ship’s cost to a measly 3 Wealth – a fantastic bargain for a Ship of its class.  This is also made even more advantageous by the fact that few, if any, Market Dice are needed to build a fleet of Brigs.  It’s a military Ship that doesn’t require much infrastructure at your Port in order to produce. 

With all this power, Brigs are often more than enough to frighten off would-be attackers, but their overall proficiency at combat means they can easily go on the offensive.  Not many Forts could stand up to a fleet of Brigs crewed by able Soldiers and experienced Officers.


The Brig is the armored spine of a strong military fleet.  But the Galleon, a merchant colossus, can be more than a match for it with the right touches….