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The becalmed sea stirs.  The wind breathes once more, awakened, alive.  Progress roils across the water -- the tide is rising once more, bearing with it Waves of Wealth and War.


Waves of Wealth and War is coming!  After a long hiatus, there is much news to report.


Last weekend, Waves took a journey to Muncie, Indiana where a welcoming and eager group of Ball State University Students sprawled out on the floor to play a massive game of Waves of Wealth and War.

We had so many players join that the only way for everyone to play was if several of them teamed up to form two-headed Governors, running their Ports as one surprisingly coherent and effective unit.

The game was epic and strangely peaceful, with most players content to leave the Ships of others alone to transport massive quantities of Wealth in relative safety.  However, the dynamic duo of dastardliness sought to stir things up and managed to steal a few Ships using the dreaded Interceptors Ship Specialization.  

(Players bid Wealth coins to try and nab the coveted Trade Empire Point at the end of a game round!)

There were so many Ships full of Wealth on the floor that we ran out of Wealth coins and had to start using can tabs as currency.  However, we were able to finish up the other game early and use their coins to bolster the bank of the floor game and...  

What? Did I forget to mention that there was another game of Waves going on at the same time?! WELL THERE WAS!

A second game of Waves was going on at the table nearby.  That's right: we had six more players duking it out on a wooden sea.  But WHAT, you might ask, is that shenanigans happening on the table?  Those upright pieces of cardboard all over the place?

That is the meat of the news for today.  The real war behind the radio silence surrounding Brave Legacy Games for the last few months rears its head: that of the conflict between Prudent Paper and Princely Plastic.

Alas, the noble forces of Plastic have proven too pricey, and therefore must be purged from the immediate future of Waves of Wealth and War.  Suffice it to say that it would have been difficult to publish the game by having a Kickstarter just to make the prototype.  So, in favor of a more economic alternative, paper has been chosen to represent the game!

While this change is not in line with the original hopes for Waves to have original plastic pieces representing all of the Ships and Sailors on the table, it does have its advantages.  Despite being totally cool and really fun to move around the table, the plastic pieces lack some key features of real Ships.  Namely, sails.  And though it is conceivable that future variations of the models could include such wonderful additions, it would come at a tremendous price.  Ships made of board offer a cheaper, and in many ways, more immersive choice.  

To begin, they look like Ships. REAL Ships.  Realistic Ships.  Indeed, this new, detailed artwork accurately and vividly represents the Ships of Waves in ways that plastic simply cannot.  They really are beautiful, but not only that, they are more easily recognizable.  With the plastic pieces, players had to examine each Ship and count the number of holes to determine which class it belonged to, but that adversity is no more.  

It must be said that it will be sad not to utilize the plastic designs which were full of so much hope, but this new, practical approach will help lead Waves of Wealth and War into a more promising future.  And it is shaping up to be an epic future at that, full of beautiful artwork to represent the vibrant game world of Waves.  In the coming weeks, the artwork will be revealed one Ship at a time, showcasing the detail of the new pieces as well as the historical relevance of each Ship.  Along with these posts will come a bounty of gameplay info, revealing a few of the many ways in which each Ship can shape the course of a game of Waves of Wealth and War.

Keep an eye out if you want to learn more about the game!  Thanks for reading.