Brave Legacy Games is a new board game company created by a hopeful individual with an ambitious vision: creating experiences that live forever in the hearts and minds of those who have felt them.

Founded in 2013 by Colin Maxwell Hanna, the company was started when Colin realized that his greatest passion was creating and sharing game experiences with the people around him.  He had been creating pencil and paper role-playing games for his friends ever since he was ten, but it took him until his senior year of college to escalate that hobby into a real product.  After experimenting with a few rough versions of his first full board game Waves of Wealth and War, he knew he had to share the idea with everyone he could.  

It is the hope of Brave Legacy Games to create games that are seen not only as contests, but as experiences. Great games are more than just interactive fun -- they are microcosms of life. They mirror experiences in the real world and inspire people to live lives worth remembering.

The symbol of Brave Legacy -- a blank coat of arms -- represents a legacy yet to be forged. It is a task set before all of those who seek to experience something worthwhile in the world. Will you dust off the shield and emblazon it with a humble symbol of honest accomplishment? Perhaps the proud emblem of a glorious triumph? 

How will the world remember your story?